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Creating My First Web site – Less Daunting Than It Looks!

Like many of you out there, for the last decade or more, I have wanted to create my own web site and haven’t done so until now.  I have resisting the notion of change but finally broke down and took the plunge. Better late than never, I decided it was time to make my debut on the big stage of world wide web.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, I enrolled in certified web design course at the Academy of Learning College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which is affiliated with Sessions College of Professional Design. I decided to go with a well-known, accredited organization with an excellent reputation to provide me the skills and knowledge necessary to upgrade my craft.

My previous background as a graphic designer for print media provides me with many of the art tech skills necessary to create creative content for a web site. I just required the basic knowledge to start building my own web site and finally get it online.

Web 101 provided me with a basic four page starter site template. At first glance, the HTML code in the Notepad text editing application looks like gibberish, but after a little while, following the course instructions, I began to understand the code and I was able to make easy revisions and additions to the HTML code for the template. This allowed me to quickly customize the web site to add my picture, revise the links to the three other pages, add badges to the Sidebar and revise the headings and text on the Home page.

The text editing application also allowed me to add a slide show of my own photos to the images page, embedded from my Flickr account and my own video on the video page, embedded from my Utube account. Using CSS, within seconds, I was able to revise the hexadecimal code for the color and changed the color of the background for the web site.

After the site’s physical construction was completed, I installed multiple meta keywords and a meta description to the HTML of each page to optimize the site for search engine crawlers.

Google Analytics, a web based statistics program, provided some more HTML code that I added with the text editor into each of the four pages to allow me to track visitors to my site.

Now my site was finished, I checked and rechecked that everything on the site worked flawlessly using several different browsers.

It was time to upload the four pages and supporting graphic files to the web host. In my case, I was able to use the college’s web server. It took literally seconds to upload the files using FileZilla, an FTP program designed to transfer files over the internet.

Now the site is live on the internet! All the graphics show up and the links work perfectly on every page. Check it out now and let me know what you think.

You can find my site at: http://www.aolhamilton.com/david/myweb/index.html

My first foray into web design has been a valuable learning experience and I am looking forward to learning more advanced web design techniques and skills as I progress through the web design course.

In the future, I will add more information, links, graphics, animations, photos and videos to improve the overall look and content of my web site and promote my graphic design/web design business. So stay tuned!


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