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New Accounts Created for Youtube, Flickr and Digg

Today I created accounts with YouTube, Flickr, and Digg.

Due to the privacy settings that I used to set up my personal accounts, my username is not part of the URL. You can access my Youtube and Flickr pages using the links below but you won’t be able to access my Digg account using the link provided because the site may have changed since the course was set up. The only way to view my personal Digg page is to use my username and password.





Commentary on Youtube, Flickr and Digg


Youtube is a video-sharing website that allow users to upload, view and share videos. The site contains a multitude of user-generated video content.


This site is an online image and video hosting website and online community for users to share and embed personal photographs. It is also used by photo researchers and bloggers to host images that they can embed in blogs and social media.


This site is a social news website that allows users to vote news stories up or down based on their likes or dislike for the story. User’s can also post comments about the stories and comments about the comments.



A Review of Flickr

Flicker is a web app that is a computer program that runs inside a browser.  It is considered Web 2.O because it is not static and is a modern, interactive and collaborative website that allows the user a greater degree of creativity and interaction. It is a powerful and easy to use online program that allows the user to upload and organize their images.

This site relates very well to my online goals.  I will be able to upload images of my personal graphic design portfolio, photography and illustration very effectively here. I will be able to create a set for each category and describe each portfolio piece with supporting text.

I have created a personal Flickr account with my name and customized my page to show a Buddy Icon (head shot) and published a cover photo at the top of the page.

The featured content on my Flicker page is maritime and I have uploaded some photos to my page from a recent Tall Ship event that we attended at the Hamilton waterfront on July 1, 2013.

I have organized my images into a set and I wrote a title and brief text description for the event. The site also allows me to write a description under each image as well as a tag to make the images searchable.

The site records the date and time each image was taken. This is very useful in creating and organizing a comprehensive photo and text diary of an event.

The images can be viewed as a slide show or individually viewed in detail. They can be downloaded and shared if allowed by the owner.

Flickr also allows other users to “Like” or make comments on the displayed images or contact me directly by email from within the online community.

Getty images is a partner on the site and will contact me if they wish to request use of my images for their stock inventory in return for royalties.

In addition to my ability to upload and post content to my own page, I am able to view other member’s pages. I can make them friends, like, post comments about their images or contact them directly by email.


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